The Ab Flex Belt: My Review Of The Best Ab Toner For A Flat Tummy

The ab flex workout reviewsWhy is the Flex Belt so effective….

The Flex Belt is effective than any other abdominal belt out there, because its FDA Approved Medical Technology and has been proven to work for:

  1. Ab core firming…
  2. Ab core toning and…
  3. Ab core strengthening

What does it do…

The Flex Belt uses gel pads that are medical grade and placed on the belt in the perfect positions to target the core of your abs, and your obliques…

Because of the design of the belt signals are sent to the core nerves of your stomach, causing your all ab muscles to naturally flex and then relax..

This ab and waist toner belt works your muscles by contacting the abs “up to 150 times per session”…

Here are the benefits…

  • The ab flex workout saves time and can be worn anywhere and anytime…
  • The best part is that THE FLEX BELT does all the hard work for you….
  • You actually get results by using…

NO more spending time doing hundreds of crunches…NO more worries about having time to get your abs workout in…

What are others are saying about The Flex Belt…

CELEBRITIES Flex Belt reviews…

Ab Flex Abdominal Belt

Adrianne Curry – TV Star and Fitness Fanatic – Winner America’s Next Top Model

 “The Flex Belt tightens, tones and strengthens my stomach without me even having to think about it. It has taken my abs to a whole other level. I can take it anywhere. The Flex Belt is incredibly portable. With the Flex Belt. ..working out my core might be the easiest thing I do all day.

It’s something that I don’t have to put thought into and nobody even has to know I have it on, because it hides under your clothes. I can make dinner, I can do the laundry, read a book, sit on the couch or check e-mail. I put on The Flex Belt, it does all the work, and I get the results.”


Flex Belt Customer Reviews

Denise Richards – Actress, Entrepreneur and Mom

“My abs looks great and when you look good, you feel good. I would do so many different exercises to get all of my abs, but with the Flex Belt it works all of the ab muscles at the same time. With the Flex Belt I know I don’t have to worry about my abs — this does work.

I use The Flex Belt when I am reading my scripts, when I am on a conference call, when I am making dinner or the kids’ lunches. With the Flex Belt there is no excuse to not get your ab workout done. I don’t have to stop what I am doing, I just have to put it on, it does the work, and I get the results.”


Best Abs toner reviews for exercise belt

Lisa Rinna – Actress, Author and Fitness Lover

“With my schedule I can’t do an ab workout every day, but with the Flex Belt I’ll put it on every day because I’m doing other things at the same time. So, it’s really just being smart. It’s easy, I wear it every day and my abs are the to show for it.

My abs feel like I’ve had the most amazing workout and I just wore The Flex Belt around the house for 30 minutes. I would never stand behind a product that I didn’t believe in 100% and I believe in The Flex Belt. So here I am telling you if you’d like to try The Flex Belt, it works.”


More Flex Belt Reviews….

By Saverio burdi on March 8, 2018
“When I purchased my flex belt my expectations were not that it was going to produce an instant six pack. I am in relatively good shape, work out regularly and do not have excess fat around my mid section. My objective was to achieve better overall ab definition and improve some core strength. I have been using my flex belt religiously for over a month and I can definitely see positive results. I have developed noticeable definition in my upper and lower abs without even trying. Recommended overall.”
By Nestor Worobetz on March 8, 2018
“I have been very extremely satisfied with my progress with the Flex Belt. The combination of electronic stimulation while engaging in physical activity really helps me feel the workout I am getting. I have lost a tremendous amount of abdominal body-fat from dieting and now also am more toned then every. I look forward to continuing my use of the Flex Belt and await any future physical transformation coming.”
By Tiffany on March 7, 2018
The Flex Belt belt has been a life changer for me abs. Definitely setting my replacement pads on auto ship that way I never have to miss a day without using it. If you don’t buy it you are missing out.”
By Amazon Customer on March 2, 2018
This product is amazing. I wear it everyday and I can see result already.

Final Verdict…

So do ab belts work? Yes, The Flex Belt does!the best ab belt, flex belt does work, the flex,

A trial of  a product was done for a 6 week period….of the users 100% of them stated their abs were firmer, and 72% stated the this stomach toning belt improved the strength of their abs.

So if you need help getting a flatter and toned stomach, don’t have the time to workout, then get The Flex Belt..

“It’s proven to work!” 

Where to buy the Flex Belt?

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